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CSA. eControl. CpaServ.

Is evaluating your analysis results just as important to you as the analysis itself? Then NEXOPART offers you a choice of the right package for you and your analyzer from a selection of three software packages:

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NEXOPART software packages:

  • NEXOPART CSA for EML 200 Premium, EML 200 Premium Remote, EML 315, EML 450, UWL 400 and the RO-TAP® RX-29/ RX-30 CE 
  • eControl for ther NEXOPART Air Jet Sieving Maschine e200 LS
  • CpaServ for dynamic image analysis with the NEXOPART CPA 2-1

NEXOPART CSA. Quality assurance of your measurement results.

The NEXOPART CSA software provides you with quick and easy, PC-aided evaluation of the analysis results of our EML 200 Premium to UWL 400 3D test sieve shakers. You can choose from two versions, which vary in the scope of their functions: BASIC and  EXPERT. All of the data is documented and saved for quality assurance of your measurement results. The result: graphic charts and extensive documentation of your statistics and evaluations.

To the EML series


Input of sieve sets, materials and customers + evaluation of analyses + protocol (DIN 2591 + DIN 66165) + particle size calculation (DIN 66141)x x
Statistic functions such as for materials and customers x
Extended calculations x
Calculation of the AFS grain fineness number according to VDG bulletin x x
Definition of limit value functions + loading of comparison data x
Graphics + RRSB net + distribution curves x x
Database functions such as search and evaluation operations x
Data export to Excel x
Import of legacy data x
Systematic logging of the individual processes of a workflow (audit trail) x

Please note: The CSA evaluation software can only be installed up to Windows version 10.

Feel free to convince yourself. Our free test version for you.

You can test our evaluation software free of charge for 30 days. The test version of NEXOPART CSA is available for download after you have sent us an e-mail to sales@nexopart.com. We will send you the license key immediately by e-mail. When purchasing a new EML 200 test sieve shaker, you will receive an unlimited license code for the NEXOPART CSA BASIC evaluation software free of charge. Please additionally inform us about your machine number and you will receive your license key by e-mail.

eControl for your NEXOPART Air Jet Sieving Machine e200 LS

The NEXOPART eControl software was been developed for the  e200 LS air jet sieving machine. It impresses with a user-friendly and simple operation via touch display. You can choose from our four software packages: LITE, BASIC, ULTIMATE and SECURITY to choose the right one for you and your daily laboratory routine. The best thing about it: You remain flexible and can expand each package at any time with the next higher upgrade. Here you get an overview of all features.

Your current eControl software package is upgradeable at any time. 

Underpressure regulation manually (leakage air flap)x
User administration with authorisation levels2 levels 2 levels 2 levels up to 5 levels
System data display/ device settingsx x x x
12 languages available (CZ,DE,US,ES,FR,JP,BR,RU,TR,CN,HR,PL)x x x x
Change measurement unit (weight, length, underpressure) x x
Change display accuracy (weight, ratio) x x
Audio (acoustic signal for keyboard feedback) x x
USB keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner x x x
Ethernet port x x
Printer via USB or LAN x x
Screenshot function x x
Demo version available for 30 days x x x
Connection of different vacuum cleaners (option) x
Standard balance driver (Sartorius/ Mettler) x x x
Balance driver list upgradable by update x x
Balance values can be set with preceding signs x x
Automatic sieve recognition (RFID) x x x
Mesh size unit selectable (µm, mm, ASTM) x x
Individual parameterisation of sieving time and underpressure per test sieve x x
Test sieve cleaning x x x
Sieving manual manualmanual, SOP manual, SOP
Result output selectable (relative/ absolute value) only in % in g or in % in g or in %
Automatic underpressure parameterisation central for all sieves individual individual
Sieve set management (SOPs) x x
Import sieve set x x
Export sieve set XML XML
Display analysis result displaydisplay, printer, PCdisplay, printer, PC
External document archive adjustable via USB, LAN or Fileserver x x
Save the analysis results to the ext. document archive manuell/ manual/ automatic automatic
Tabular evaluation x x x
Graph: comulative curve, RRSB, histogram x x
Calculation of three individual dx values x x
Graphic sieve analysis comparison (≤ 5) on display x x
Results evaluation against set-point specification (tabular & graphical) x x
Laboratory Information and Management Systems (LIMS)-capable x x
Analysis report output to printer manual/ automatic manual/ automatic
XML/ PDF data export x x
Summary/ daily report can be generated x x
User list can be generated x
Backup manual manual/ automatic manual/ automatic
Restore x x x
Update/ upgrade of software, firmware, OS x x x x
Migration of XML and CSV legacy data from predecessor model x x
Audit trail (21 CFR Part 11) incl. electronic signature x
Yearly calibration service (option) x x x x

Please note: spare parts and upgrades for older units can only be supplied on request. Please get in touch with your sales contact person directly.

CpaServ. Modern, convenient, accessible.

The NEXOPART CpaServ software is backed by the intelligence of the CPA 2-1 analyzer. CpaServ offers you maximum ease of use, a modern user interface and provides automated measuring processes. The analyses are evaluated and processed in real time so that all data are immediately available to you upon completion of the measurement.

Size analysis through volume (freely definable size classes)x x
Size analysis through count (freely definable size classes)x x
Shape analysis through mean valuesxx
Inputting the limit values for size distribution x x
Characteristic sizes and mean values for particle sizes and particle shapes x x
Takeover of old CPA measurement data x x
Copying data over to Excel, Word, etc. (copy & paste) x x
Preparing TXT files as interfaces to other programs x x
Shape analysis via shape classes (e.g. length/width, circularity, sphericity) x
Freely definable shape classes x
Inputting limit values for shape distribution x
Freely definable filter on particle size and particle shape x
New calculation of existing results (virtual measurement) x
Particle list (incl. scaled figures of all particles) x

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