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CPA 2 - 1

CPA - The computer-assisted particle analysis method that makes your daily laboratory routine easier. Are you faced with the challenge of how to reliably analyze the size distribution and shape of dry, non-agglomerating particles? The answer: The CPA 2-1 from NEXOPART.

By the way: NEXOPART products will be available in the new design from the end of 2024.

Reliable and fully automated –Dynamic image analysis in your laboratory.

Make it easy for yourself: Weighing, setting up, and time-consuming sieve cleaning are a thing of the past with the NEXOPART CPA 2-1. Use dynamic image analysis (DIA) technology to analyze dry, free-flowing, non-agglomerating bulk materials such as

fertilizers, blasting abrasives, sand, coal, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, seeds, ceramics, and glass. You benefit from

  • extensive and more detailed information about your product,
  • precise evaluation with the help of the NEXOPART CpaServ software, and
  • a multitude of parameters.

Immediate and digital availability of all your analytical results in no time at all with NEXOPART.

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One click. Reliable measurement results. CPA.

Once the parameters have been defined, you can use NEXOPART CPA to carry out and complete other analyses fully digitally with just one click. By using a GigE camera, the NEXOPART CPA 2-1 can also be operated using a laptop – for maximum mobility and flexibility.

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The CPA method simply explained

The Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) technology

For dynamic image analysis of your particles, you can rely on reliable and computer-aided digital-optical image processing with NEXOPART DIA devices. Your material sample is automatically dosed via a feed chute. Once in the measurement channel, an LED lighting array and a digital line scan camera work together to scan the particles using the backlight method. The “scan” principle of the line scan camera eliminates cropping or loss of particles, which could falsify the measurement results. High-resolution measurement values are calculated for all particles and each particle is stored with an ID. NEXOPART DIA devices achieve 100% measurement accuracy.

CPA-peripheral devices

You would like to make better use of the potential of your NEXOPART CPA? Then feel free to use the AS 6 or AS 12 autosampler to automate the loading of a large number of samples. You can thus extend the operating times beyond laboratory hours (overnight operation). When measuring very fine materials, it is recommended to equip the NEXOPART CPA already with the dispersing unit. In the preliminary stages, we will work with you to determine whether such equipment is necessary and useful for your individual application.

Are you looking for a customized solution?

Does your material present you with a particular challenge? Are you looking for a solution that deviates from the norm? With 30 years of experience in dynamic image analysis, we specialize in the customized development of existing technologies. We will find a solution, together. Contact our expert here.

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