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NEXOPART test sieves. Approved and tested.

Are you looking for test sieves according to international standards? Then NEXOPART is your trusted partner. NEXOPART test sieves are manufactured in compliance with current test sieve standards. You will be delighted with the accuracy and stability of NEXOPART test sieves.

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The right standard-compliant test sieves for all sieving tasks.

Test sieves made of stainless steel are just as much a part of NEXOPART’s range of products as test sieves for grain analysis and square wooden-framed sieves. Manual sieving, conventional sieving, wet or dry sieving: Analyze bulk materials from 5 µm to 125 mm with NEXOPART.

Long service life. Perfect performance.

We use high-quality frame materials and an extremely stable sieve design to ensure a long service life for our test sieves. The meticulous workmanship of our test sieves assures you perfect performance. Rely on test sieves made in Germany. Rely on NEXOPART.

Test certificates and services. NEXOPART.

On request, NEXOPART will provide you with extensive test certificates and services for sustainable and compliance-oriented quality assurance. Everything from recertification of the measuring equipment in our factory laboratory – tested in accordance with DIN EN 10204 with acceptance test certificate 3.1 – to accredited calibration of metal mesh test sieves in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

NEXOPART UFA. Ultrasonic frequency variation.

For successful sieving of fine powders with critical separation cuts of ≤ 300 µm NEXOPART offers you the ultrasonic frequency variation for test sieves. An important tool for you if you want to analyze your fine bulk material using a vibrating sieve shaker.  With a few simple steps you can excite the sieve mesh with a continuously varying ultrasonic frequency
  1. step: Tighten the clamping ring around your NEXOPART test sieve. 
  2.  step: Mount the converter.
  3. step: connect generator and switch on.

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Take a look at how the ultrasonic frequency variation simplifies your laboratory work

The high-frequency vibrations that are generated reduce the frictional resistance between particles and sieve mesh. Your result:
  • minimized clogging tendency,
  • destruction of agglomerates,
  • higher sieving capacity and a shortened sieving time,
  • low mechanical load on the sieve bottom + side effect cleaning of the sieve mesh,
  • Parallel handling of several test sieves with only one generator (enables connection with two converters, twin operation)
For some bulk materials, sieving with vibration sieving machines becomes possible for the first time.

Analog or digital ultrasonic frequency variation.

As a "plug-and-play" solution, you can attach the NEXOPART UFA in an analog or digital version conveniently, quickly and safely to all standard test sieves. The digital device allows you to excite several test sieves simultaneously with only one generator. With the help of the twin unit, it is even possible to connect two converters.

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Whitepaper: Your precise sieve analysis for reproducible results.

Do you want accurate and reproducible results? Then find out here what is important for a correctly performed sieve analysis.

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Accessories for the NEXOPART test sieves

Sieve cover

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Sieve pan for dry and wet sieving

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Clamping ring for Test Sieves

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Sieve holder

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Intermediate ring

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AGS Generator for NEXOPART UFA

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