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3D Test sieve shaker UWL 400 - Precision on a large scale.

The test sieve shaker UWL 400 is NEXOPART's largest and most powerful 3D test sieve shaker to date and is in no way inferior to its smaller siblings. She is ideal for analyzing your heavy bulk materials weighing up to 20 kg.

By the way: NEXOPART products will be available in the new design from the end of 2024.

NEXOPART Test sieve shaker for all sieves and all sieving processes.

Whether you use a stainless steel or wooden screen frame, for all of your sieve analysis tasks NEXOPART offers modern, robust and easy to use test sieve shakers. The state-of-the-art NEXOPART UWL 400 is specially designed for sieving coarse-grained sample materials. Two three-phase, unbalance motors drive our most powerful laboratory sieve shaker and generate a three-dimensional sieving motion for maximum accuracy and reliability of your analysis results.

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3D Test sieve shaker UWL 400: The most important features at a glance

Sieve analysis with sample weights of up to 20 kg
Two three-phase unbalance motors
Separate control unit

NEXOPART TwinNut®: practical, lightweight, fast

Are you tired of the constant screwing and unscrewing conventional clamping nuts to secure the sieve tower? NEXOPART’s TwinNut® quick-release clamping system is the ideal solution. Simply open the TwinNut®, slide it to the desired position on the guide bars, and you are able to adjust the height without time-consuming screwing. The TwinNut® is particularly ideal when sieving with frequently changing sieve tower heights.

Take a look at our two clamping systems in comparison

Whitepaper: Your precise sieve analysis for reproducible results.

Do you want accurate and reproducible results? Then find out here what is important for a correctly performed sieve analysis.

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Accessories for the NEXOPART UWL


with wide spreading spray diffuser (Ø 400/300/305/315/350 mm)

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Separate control gear

with time switch for UWL 400

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Special appliance

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