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An air jet with plenty of power. Air Jet Sieve Machine e200 LS.

Processing fine powders requires a bit of dexterity, as they tend to agglomerate and often clog the test sieve. This is exactly where the NEXOPART e200 LS Air Jet Sieve Machine unleashes its full power.

By the way: NEXOPART products will be available in the new design from the end of 2024.

Air Jet Sieve Machine. Two-components. Perfect analysis results.

A slotted nozzle rotating inside the sieving chamber of the air jet sieve and an industrial vacuum cleaner connected to the sieving chamber work together in perfect harmony. While the vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum inside the sieving chamber, the extremely narrow slot of the slotted nozzle accelerates mass of air entering from below through the sieve mesh. The effect: Fine particles are separated quickly and effectively.

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More variety. Greater performance. NEXOPART e200 LS.

The NEXOPART e200 LS Air Jet Sieve Machine is a test sieve machine that is equipped with integrated software. Its user-friendly and simple operation are impressive via a touch display and its reliable analysis results. You can choose from 12 languages and manage your users in the system. More diversity is not possible.


Separation, fractionation and particle size analysis of powders in various industries:

  • Cement and construction material applications
  • Chemicals production
  • Food and nutrition industry
  • Minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals – through compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Toner production

Find out how and for what you can use the air jet sieve correctly

Faster. Better. Upgrade.

eControl – You can choose from our selection of four software packages:

and find the right package for you and your daily laboratory routine. Each software package stands out with its unique functional features, but the best part is that you can replace any package with the next higher upgrade at any time.



  • Integration of an external suction device
  • Fast analysis
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Graphic user interface
  • Display of the underpressure (in Pa), sieving time, date and time
  • Manual underpressure control 
    (comparable to the A200 LS)



  • Automatic underpressure control
  • Fast, simple evaluation of the results (in table form)
  • Balance communication via RS-232 interface
  • Central parameter management of all sieves (comparable to 200 LS-N)



Includes features of the BASIC version, plus:

  • Automatic saving and printing
  • Sieve set management (SOP)
  • Result evaluation against setpoint specifications (table and graph form)
  • Automatic backup
  • Individualized level of detail
  • Various chart types
  • Parameter management for each test sieve



Includes features of the ULTIMATE version, plus:

  • Requirements for software validation as classified in ISPE GAMP 5, FDA 21 Part 11, compliant with EC GMP Annex 11
  • User management
  • Password management
  • Audit trail – user activity monitoring and event logging
  • e-signature
  • Network connection required


Whitepaper: Your precise sieve analysis for reproducible results.

Do you want accurate and reproducible results? Then find out here what is important for a correctly performed sieve analysis.

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