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The online unit is perfectly suited in production processes as a testing, monitoring or regulating element.

By the way: NEXOPART products will be available in the new design from the end of 2024.

Particle size and shape analysis with NEXOPART CPA 2-1 ONLINE

The integration possibilities of the NEXOPART CPA 2-1 ONLINE in production processes as a testing, monitoring or regulating element are very versatile. Incoming inspection, production control and process monitoring are the common application scenarios in which the NEXOPART CPA 2-1 ONLINE unit is used for particle size analysis and particle shape analysis.

This is how our real-time monitoring works

Versatile application options

The CPA 2-1 ONLINE is ideally suited for the analysis of:

  • Blasting abrasives
  • Coal
  • Fertilizers
  • Foods such as salt and sugar
  • Sand

Our laboratory solutions are ideal for use in research and development.

In the ongoing production process, an online solution brings you two decisive advantages at the same time:

  • Regular sample analysis without interrupting production
  • Resistance to harsh environmental conditions such as heat, cold, dust and moisture

The core - Our NEXOPART CPA technology

The NEXOPART CPA technology (Computerized Particle Analysis) is the optimal basis for simultaneously flexible and reliable solutions in the field of computer-assisted online particle analysis. The modules of an online particle analyzer are compactly designed and can therefore be integrated almost anywhere. Retrofitting into existing processes is also always possible. In addition, distances of up to 100 m are possible as standard for the connection from PC system to measuring instrument.

The CPA 2-1 Online can easily be connected to the customer's DCS system via MODBUS TCP - but this is not a must. The system can also be integrated flexibly in stand-alone automatic mode and can make the results available centrally. Adaptation for almost any application is possible - with NEXOPART.

Are you interested in the CPA 2-1 Online?

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