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Analyze and monitor bulk material directly on the running conveyor belt 24/7 in real time.

Increase your productivity with the NEXOPART INLINE

The NEXOPART INLINE allows you to monitor, document and analyze non-solidified bulk solids very quickly and easily at the unloading station or on the running conveyor belt. The analysis process takes place continuously 24/7 and in real time. You therefore digitize your very first process steps and optimize your efficiency right from the start.

Versatile analysis possibilities

The use of the NEXOPART INLINE enables:

  • Analysis of particle shape and size
  • Detection of color differences (Color-ID)
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Automated process control

The data can be sent directly to an alarm/ PLC/ process. This way you optimize the efficiency of your process and create additional capacities.

Here's how you analyze the trend

Conveyor belt or loading station? S INLINE and R INLINE.

Your place of operation determines the suitable system. Use the NEXOPART S INLINE for real-time trend analysis on the conveyor belt. An adaptable frame construction holds the required lighting modules, the camera unit with the integrated computing unit as well as the control box.
For real-time trend analysis at the loading station, we recommend the NEXOPART R INLINE. The system allows easy installation of the camera unit with the integrated computing unit as well as the control box at your desired location. The intelligent sensor technology detects e.g. vehicles during loading and thus controls the recordings. Communication with other systems is possible with both systems via many common connection standards.

Innovative technology within a small space

Thanks to the compact design, you can use the NEXOPART INLINE systems very flexibly: The space requirement is minimal and intervention in existing process chains - for example by samplers - is not necessary.

Our NEXOPART INLINE systems are characterized by these technical details:

  • IP66 / NEMA 4 protection class
  • Ethernet interface
  • Communication standards Modbus TCP, OPC UA

Are you interested in a NEXOPART INLINE?

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