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Unique shapes require unique solutions. RO-TAP®

The RO-TAP® from W.S. TYLER®: A unique process provided by our American subsidiary offers you the perfect solution for processing cube-shaped particles such as chili powder, abrasive particles, and tobacco. The challenges facing you in your daily laboratory routine are now a thing of the past with the RO-TAP® from W.S. TYLER®.

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Mechanical rotation meets tapping motion.

The RO-TAP® is considered unique – Unlike conventional test sieve shakers, it operates in two dimensions. It rotates in a horizontal circular motion combined with a vertical tapping motion thereby allowing particles to stratify and pass through critical openings in the sieve. This saves you time, since you will never have to re-sieve manually again.

Minding your occupational safety.  RO-TAP® RX-29 CE

NEXOPART also has your occupational safety in mind. The W.S. TYLER® RO-TAP® RX-29 CE is equipped with a sound absorbing cupboard designed to suppress noise to ensure that your daily laboratory routine is not only simple but also safe. With its external control system, this machine meets all the occupational safety requirements for application of the CE mark in Europe. Do you work in the abrasives industry? Then the FEPA standard recommends all RO-TAP® models.

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The RO-TAP® simply explained

Whitepaper: Your precise sieve analysis for reproducible results.

Do you want accurate and reproducible results? Then find out here what is important for a correctly performed sieve analysis.

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Accessories for the RO-TAP®

RO-TAP Sound absorbing cupboard, "R-30050 RX-29 + RX-30

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Rotating Guard

RO-TAP R-30010

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Upper Carrying Plate

RO-TAP R-30008

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Lift Rod

RO-TAP R-10036

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